Bushnell’s New Image Stabilized Monocular

    Bushnell Monocular

    Bushnell announced a new 8x monocular that has image stabilization built in. The new Stableview Monocular uses a gyroscopically stabilized lens to reduce hand shake and other external factors that interfere with your viewing. For a cold, windy day in the field, this could dramatically improve your spotting of a deer or other animal at a distance.

    Image stabilizing technology is nothing new. Photographers have made use of lenses and cameras with the technology for many years. The technology is even in many of the cameras found in modern phones. However, there are different ways of implementing the concept. Digital stabilization is generally an inferior solution to lens stabilization. This Bushnell product uses a version of lens stabilization, so you should get a good image out of it.

    The suggested retail price is listed as $359.95.

    While the product is likely quite good for the price, I would have liked to see a few more features in it for the price. For example, making it pull double duty as a range finder would have been a nice add on, though I recognize that would require the addition of additional hardware. Also, having a digital sensor with a USB output to capture images and/or video would be a great addition to the product. That would also add hardware and money to the product. But adding either of those things would make this much more interesting to me – even at a higher price.

    Richard Johnson

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