Chip McCormick Custom Acquired by Wilson Combat

    Chip McCormick Custom

    As 2017 came to a close, Wilson Combat announced it had acquired the Chip McCormick Custom/Shooting Star Industries. Chip McCormick Custom is well known for manufacturing quality 1911-style magazines. After acquisition, the company will be known as CMC/Shooting Star Industries.

    Chip McCormick, the president and CEO of Chip McCormick Custom, released a statement indicating that he would be retiring. “When I made the decision that I wanted to simplify my life and retire there was no one that I felt more comfortable selling the company to than Bill Wilson and Wilson Combat,” said McCormick.

    Chip McCormick Custom offers a range of magazines that are considered by many 1911 shooters to be extremely reliable. A number of professional shooters rely on the company’s magazines for competition use. Manufacturer Avidity Arms designed its (delayed) PD10 pistol around the 10-round 9mm Chip McCormick magazine. When I spoke to trainer Rob Pincus about the PD10, he said that he wanted the gun built around an existing magazine that was known for extreme reliability to reduce one possible point of failure in a new gun design.

    According to Wilson Combat, the company is building a facility in Northeast, TX for Shooting Star Industries. Wilson Combat anticipates no disruption of service during the transition period.

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