Viridian Steps Up to Cover New Ruger EC9s Pistols

    Viridian EC9s

    In recent weeks, Ruger announced a number of new firearms. Viridian Weapon Technologies stepped up almost immediately with laser aiming solutions for one of these new guns: the EC9s.

    For this pistol, Viridian announced that it would offer solutions with the E-Series and the Reactor series products.

    E-Series Laser

    The E-Series lasers attach to the front of the trigger guard of the pistol and offer a red laser for aiming. While red lasers are more difficult to see in bright lighting conditions, they tend to be less expensive than the more visible green lasers. As the EC9s pistol is being sold as an affordable concealed carry pistol, it makes sense that a lot of shooters might also want an economical laser option.

    The laser is operated by a button on the side of the laser unit. While this is not as “instinctive” as other options on the market, it is still viable and likely is inexpensive to implement. It operates on a single 1/3 N battery that will run constantly for about 6 hours.

    Reactor Series

    Viridian is also offering a combination white light and green laser accessory for the EC9s. Part of the Reactor series, this unit also mounts to the front of the gun’s trigger guard. It provides 100 lumens of white light in addition to the aiming laser.

    Viridian states the aiming laser is about 50 times brighter than a standard red laser. This helps to make it much more visible in brighter lighting conditions. The Reactor uses an “instant on” technology to activate the laser and light when the gun is drawn from an included holster. This reduces the possibility of fumbling with the weapon to activate the aiming tool under stress.

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