Lyman’s New Brass Smith Ideal Single Stage Press

    Lyman Press

    Lyman Products announced a new single stage loading press that is designed to offer good performance in a compact package. The press is called the Brass Smith Ideal.

    The new press is a C shaped press that is made with a cast iron body and stainless steel parts. While C shaped presses are considered by many hand loaders to lack the strength for regular loading of some larger cartridges, especially resizing, they are perfectly fine for a large number of cartridges. According to the company, there is enough clearance in the press to load all cartridges up to 3.700″ long.

    Lyman designed the Brass Smith Ideal with a small footprint. The idea, as I understand it, is twofold. First, experienced loaders that want a single stage press to handle some functions in the loading process will be able to mount this on their bench without taking up much room. Second, for the new hand loader, the small footprint allows for a small bench to be used while still having a quality press for a lifetime of loading.

    The Brass Smith Ideal is made in the United States of America. It weighs about 12.6 pounds and has a powder coated finish. Lyman Products lists the suggested retail price at $99.95.

    Richard Johnson

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