New TNW Firearms Aero Survival Rifle in .22 WMR

    TNW 22 mag rifle

    TNW Firearms announced the company would introduce an Aero Survival Rifle in .22 WMR at the SHOT Show. The new gun will retain the same styling, controls and takedown capability that the other guns in the Aero Survival Rifle line have. Additionally, the company will make conversion kits for current rifle owners to allow them to shoot the .22 WMR cartridge.

    The new blowback guns are not AR-pattern rifles, but they will feel familiar in your hands if you have spent time with an AR. Aero Survival Rifles have an upper and lower receiver; both are made of 6061-T6 aluminum.

    Barrels are 16.25″ long, and the guns have an overall length of 33.5″. When broken down for storage or carry, the longest section of the gun is 21.5″. This makes it relatively easy to store the gun in a bag under your seat when flying or driving in areas where a survival rifle makes sense. Unloaded, the gun weighs 6.55 pounds.

    TNW Firearms designed these guns to feed from Remington 597 magazines. A 10-round magazine comes with the gun, and additional magazines should be relatively easy to locate at your local gun shop or online.

    TNW Firearms expects to start shipping the guns in the spring. The suggested retail price is $799.99 with conversion kits costing $369.95. Keep in mind that is the suggested price – your dealer sets the actual price which is often lower.

    Richard Johnson

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