Triple Seven FireStar: New Muzzleloading Propellant from Hodgdon

    Hodgdon FireStar

    Ahead of the annual industry trade show, Hodgdon Powder Company announced a new propellant for muzzleloaders. Called the Triple Seven FireStar, the pelletized powder promises higher velocity and less residue.

    According to the company, the pellets have a star shape that provides more surface area due to the addition of longitudinal grooves. By increasing the surface area of each pellet, the company states the propellant burns cleaner and allows for a bump in potential velocity. Hodgdon states the new pellet design offers up to 50 fps of velocity increase from a 100-grain load.

    The company states that several successful hunts were undertaken with the FireStar propellant during testing in 2017. Hodgdon expects to begin shipping the Triple Seven FireStar propellant in February, and it should be available through normal retail channels. It will be offered in a 60-count clamshell package. As a point of reference, three pellets are equivalent to 100 grains of powder.

    As with the company’s original pre-formed muzzleloading propellant, the Triple Seven FireStar is designed to offer easy loading while eliminating spillage. Additionally, the pellets are said to offer faster ignition and are easier to load quickly for second shots. The Triple Seven line is notable for its lack of sulfur smell and water clean up.

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