New Gun Cleaning Products from Birchwood Casey

    Birchwood Casey cleaning tools

    For 2018, Birchwood Casey will be introducing a number of new cleaning products for maintaining your firearms. Here is a quick look at some of them that will be in the new catalog.

    Bore Weevil – Pull through cleaning kitsĀ are quite popular with shooters. The Bore Weevil is a pull-through gun cleaning kit with a retractable tether. This helps to keep things neat when not in use. The kit comes with three quick attach couplers and can use all 8/32 threaded accessories.

    Rifle & Handgun Range Cleaning Kit – These are cleaning kits that are packaged in a PALS/MOLLE style zippered pouch for portability. These look similar to the Defender series of cleaning kits from Otis Technologies. However, unlike the Otis products, these appear to have all of the different calibers covered in one kit.

    Birchwood Casey cleaning tools

    Gun Plumber Folding Multi-ToolMany companies make multitools for shooters. The latest product is this one from Birchwood Casey. Made of steel, the tool has drivers for a range of screw heads common to guns and accessories.

    Weekender Professional Gunsmith Kit – The Weekender is a collection of basic gunsmithing tools that the home hobbyist might need. It includes things like a hammer and brass punches. There are 27 tools in total, and they come in a hard case for storage.

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