Kimber Announces New Manufacturing Facility in Alabama

    Kimber Manufacturing recently announced the company will be building a new engineering and manufacturing facility in City of Troy, Alabama. The new facility will double the company’s manufacturing capacity, something the company has identified as a significant step in meeting increased demand for its products.

    The company stated that prior expansions of its Montana and New York facilities have been overwhelmed as soon as they have been brought online. The new facility in Alabama represents “a significant new plateau of capacity.”

    According to Kimber, the new facility will be a “state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing facility” that will make use of modern automation techniques. The company expects to open the facility in 2019.

    Alabama universities

    Troy is located in the southern portion of Alabama, situated between Dothan and Montgomery. It is the home of Troy University and Auburn University is only about 90 minutes away.

    The city already has a significant manufacturing base with companies like Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin with facilities that employ hundreds of people.

    While many gun sales in 2017 may have been driven by a significant drop in prices, it would seem that demand for Kimber products – at profitable prices – increased. Enough for the company to build a new facility. Of course, this may also be a prelude to moving the company out of the clearly anti-gun state of New York to a state that is more in line with the company’s business goals.

    Richard Johnson

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