Lyman’s New 8-Station Turret Press

    Lyman Turret

    Lyman Products is well known for its reloading and bullet casting equipment. For 2018, the company made a number of new gear announcements including several a new presses. The latest announcement is for an 8-stage turret press.

    Called the Brass Smith All-American 8 Turret Press, this loading machine has 8 stations with a frame that is large enough to handle “even the longest rifle cartridges.” The company states that the turret is easily swapped by easily removing a single bolt. A single turret could hold two 4-die sets or even four 2-die sets. Standard thread pattern dies are used in the turrets.

    The frame is machined from cast iron* and has a powder coat finish. It is designed to be very strong for years of loading. Without dies, the press weighs about 23 pounds. It has a 1″ ram.

    Lyman states it developed a new straightline primer feed for this press. In the photo, you can see the primer arm that extends toward the user. By simply pushing the arm in, you automatically position a primer under the case.

    The company advises that in addition to being a simple and reliable design, the primer system has a heavy duty steel shield that surrounds the primer tube for added safety. Both large and small primer tubes are included with the press.

    Lyman builds this press in the United States of America. The suggested retail price is $249.95.

    *Note – I originally wrote that the frame was made from cast aluminum. This was incorrect. It is made of cast iron. I apologize for the error.

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