Sabatti Urban Sniper Rifle in USA

    Urban Sniper

    The Italian Firearms Group (IFG) announced it was now importing the Sabatti Urban Sniper rifle into the United States of America. According to IFG, theĀ Sabatti Urban Sniper is a balance between extreme accuracy and a need for compact gun.

    It is chambered for either the .308 Win or the 6.5 Creedmoor. A 20″ barrel is standard on both versions. Sabatti claims the gun is able to offer superior accuracy due to its use of a Multi-Radial Rifling technique. You can read more about this technique in an article published here.

    Barrels have a heavy contour and are threaded. A brake in included but a sound suppressor can also be used. The top of the receiver has a Picatinny rail for the addition of an optic. Additionally, the gun can be set up with a scope using Remington 700 two-piece bases.

    Sabatti uses a thumbhole style stock on these rifles. It is adjustable for both height and length of pull. Underneath the foreend is a length of Picatinny rail for the addition of a bipod or other accessory.

    Included with the rifle is a hard case and a single 7-round magazine. The magazines used in this gun are AICS pattern.

    No MSRP has been announced yet. It is expected IFG will have this sniper rifle on display at the SHOT Show in January.

    Richard Johnson

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