Auto Mag Now Shipping .44 Pistols

    Auto Mag 44

    Auto Mag Ltd. Corp. announced the company shipped its .44 Founders Edition pistols. While there were only 77 of these pistols, the company is already working on its next run of Classic pistols.

    The company opened pre-ordering for the Classic .44 Auto Mag and stated that it is only taking orders for the first 75 pistols. These new guns should be delivered within the next 60 days.

    Classic .44 Auto Mag pistols will have your choice of a 6.5″ barrel or an 8.5″ barrel. This is different from the Founder Edition pistols that were only made with an 8.5″ barrel. It is also a welcome update from the original plans for only a 6.5″ barrel on the Classic model. Customers get a choice of Hogue wood grips or G-10 grips for the pistol.

    As you might expect, these pistols are not as inexpensive as a Ruger or Glock. The pre-order price on the Classic .44 Auto Mag is $3,495 with a 6.5″ barrel and either style of grip. The longer barrel pistols are slightly more expensive at $3,795.

    It is not immediately obvious what, in addition to the pistol, may ship to you at that price. For example, there is no information on how many magazines will ship with the pistol. As shooters have seen with limited run pistols in the past, having additional magazines are of critical importance.

    Richard Johnson

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