Marlin’s New Model 1894 SBL and CSBL

    Marlin 1894

    For 2018, Marlin Firearms announced a number of new rifles. Two of the new lever action guns announced by the company are the Model 1894 SBL and the Model 1894 CSBL.

    Model 1894 SBL

    The SBL version of the Model 1894 has a 16.5″ barrel that is part of the reason the company considers this “an ideal choice for home defense.” Unlike some of the longer barreled offerings, this gun should be fairly easy to get around inside a home.

    Of course, the XS Sights ghost ring sights tend to be fairly fast to get on target. If you prefer a red dot or other optic, the optic rail will allow you to mount what you like without much fuss. The barrel, action and oversized loop are all made of stainless steel.

    This model is chambered for the .44 Magnum cartridge. It will also safely shoot the .44 Special. Six rounds are held in the tubular magazine. Marlin Firearms sets the suggested retail price on this gun at $1,145.89.

    Model 1894 CSBL

    Marlin‘s Model 1894 CSBL is very similar to the 1894 SBL. The major difference between the two is the chambering. This model is designed for the .357 Magnum. It will also shoot .38 Special cartridges without an issue. Like the SBL, the CSBL will hold 6 rounds in the magazine.

    The suggested retail price starts at the same place the SBL does.

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