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[SHOT 2023] New Big & Small Derringers from Bond Arms Bond Arms Introduces the New, Slimmer Stinger RS Handgun Bond Arms Releases New Rawhide & Stinger 22LR Handguns Pocket Full of Hate: The Bond Arms Roughneck Derringer Pistol Defending the 2nd Amendment in Style - The Bond Arms Bolt PT2A Derringer-dealing Bond Arms has issued a press release declaring their Backup model as a "best seller". The New Bond Arms Grizzly 45LC and .410 Derringer Pistol wicked 9mm [SHOT 2019] BOND ARMS Bullpup9L Pistol and Aluminum Framed Derringer (1) Z Slayer Prop 65

Boberg XR9-S Field Strip

The Boberg pistols were a line of fascinatingly complex pocket handguns mostly chambered in 9mm that live on in the Bond Arms Bullpup. These interesting pieces are very unconventionally laid out and even feature a cartridge switch like a 1919 or PKM machine gun, but draw from a magazine instead of a [Read More…]

Bond Arms

CA Legal Bond Arms Handguns

Bond Arms announced four new California compliant handguns at the recent NRA show. They are the: CA Papa Bear: Chambered in .45 Colt, this handgun has extended rubber grips adorned with the California bear. This gun has an automatic extractor that the other models below [Read More…]

Bond Arms Extreme Torture Test

**Disclaimer: The video is long, but worth a watch. This is an in-depth torture test** Bond Arms has made quite a name for themselves over the years by building quality products that will ensure years of shooting pleasure for all of their customers. A Bond Arms gun has [Read More…]

Bond Arms Factory Tour

I first met the faces of Bond Arms at a media event in Florida and had a chance to fire some of their fantastic wares on the range. I destroyed some paper with a .45/.410 model and gave the .38/.357 a try as well, and I was very pleased by the shootability and quality [Read More…]