Bond Arms TANK SLAYER .50 BMG (Not Quite) Derringer Barrels!

    Not to be blamed for making a clickbait title and for other kinds of heresy, I’ll tell you right away that these are non-functional barrels made just for fun. Bond Arms now offers these derringer Tank Slayer barrels with .50 BMG bullets sticking out of the muzzles.

    When you first see these barrels you experience a little shock and confusion. Then you check the calendar to see if it is April 1st. By the time you are trying to find out what it is, your brain processes a million possible reasons or purposes for something like this without any success. The fever lasts until you finally read that it is non-functional.

    Let’s watch a video where Gordon Bond tells us the story behind the Tank Slayer:

    It is a set of 4.25″ barrels compatible with all Bond Arms derringers. As shown in the video, there is a rear plate to allow a space for the firing pins to go, not to break them when dry firing the Tank Slayer. These barrels cost $139 on Bond Arms website. They are made to order which means you’ll need to wait 4-5 weeks until they will be ready to be shipped.

    One thing that is doubtlessly true is that this is the most ingenious loaded chamber indicator ever designed!

    Hrachya H

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