POTD: Bond Arms “Liberator“ Derringer in .45ACP

    Derringer – Today’s Photo Of The Day here at TFB.

    Derringer is a collective name for a type of compact gun that usually lacks a magazine, for it to become as small as possible. Some Derringers are available in multi-shot design; this is achieved with the help of several barrels instead of a magazine. Typically Derringers have two barrels, but other configurations exist as well.

    Henry Deringer (1786–1868) designed the Philadelphia Deringer, which sold in about 15,000 samples. According to Wikipedia, the name “Derringer” comes from the repeated misspelling of Henry Deringer’s name.

    The picture is of a Bond Arms “Liberator” and taken by Schrombo, used with permission. His caption:

    I recently realized that a lot of my posts go along the way „I always wanted to have firearm X – and now I got it!“. But that‘s just how it is…

    Even as a kid I went through all the firearms catalogues I could get my hands on and compiled lists of my favorite firearms – not for a moment imagining that later in life I might be able to buy all the cool stuff I could then only dream of.

    And this brings me to today’s new arrival: the Bond Arms / Inland Mfg “Liberator“ derringer chambered in .45ACP.

    Always wanted one, but not a lot of those make their way to Germany. And when I finally found one at one of my distributors, I immediately went for it.

    Given the opportunity I would have opted for a more flashy caliber choice like .454 Casull or .45/70 – but that‘s only the idiot in me speaking.

    The trusty .45ACP makes a whole lot more sense in the context of that little derringer.

    Please check Schrombo’s Instagram or Facebook out.

    You can find Bond Arms homepage here, and Inland Mfg here.

    Which caliber do you think suits a Derringer best? .454 Casull seems too much for my taste.