Bond Arms Buys Boberg

    Bond Arms

    Bond Arms recently announced that the company purchased the assets and product lines of Boberg Arms Corp. The Texas-based gun manufacturer made the announcement on Facebook.

    According to Bond Arms, the purchase is effective as of November 6. During the coming months, the Boberg Arms assets will be transferred from their current location in St. Paul, MN to Grandbury, TX where Bond Arms is located.

    There will be a service disruption for Boberg Arms customers needing service or repair according to the statement released by Bond Arms. The company expects to have the Boberg Arms side of the business up and running in January 2016, so the service delays are expected to be resolved at that time.

    Interestingly, the company announced that a new generation of pistols based on the Boberg Arms technology are expected to start development and manufacturing in the first quarter of 2016. I don’t know how far along the development of the new guns is, but moving the company and starting a new product line by the end of March would seem to beĀ an aggressive time table.

    For those not familiar, Bond Arms is a derringer-style handgun manufacturer. The company did not make semi-automatic pistols prior to this acquisition. Boberg Arms has been a startup company that makes an unusual handgun that uses a reverse feed design and is frequently referred to as being similar to a bullpup design.

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