Bond Arms Celebrates a Best Seller: the Backup Derringer

    Derringer-dealing Bond Arms has issued a press release declaring their Backup model as a "best seller".

    Derringer-dealing Bond Arms has issued a press release declaring their Backup model as a "best seller".

    For most gun people, the derringer pistol concept immediately brings to mind motifs of the Wild West. After classic late 19th-century firearms like Colt revolvers and Winchester or Henry lever-action rifles, derringers occupy their own solid niche in the story of the American frontier. Countless western films and TV shows have solidified this in our minds. No doubt you can picture it: when he enters the saloon, the cowboy leaves his rifle in its scabbard on his horse’s saddle at the hitching post outside, and the barkeep insists on keeping his brace of wheelguns behind the bar. But the seasoned trailhand isn’t stupid; he still has a knife hidden in his boot and a trusty derringer concealed in his shirtsleeve’s cuff, just in case a friendly poker game turns sour. Although this scene is set a century and a half ago, today the folks at Bond Arms still embrace the derringer.

    Another of their self-proclaimed best sellers, in addition to the Backup, is this Bullpup 9.

    Another of their self-proclaimed best sellers, in addition to the Backup, is this Bullpup 9.

    For the better part of three decades, Bond Arms has been making handguns in Granbury, Texas. Although they do produce other designs, like the Bullpup 9 semi-auto, derringers have long been their core offering and Bond has sought to keep this venerable concept relevant in the modern world. And hell, John Wick used one, so maybe they’re on to something. One of their favorite models is the Backup, a diminutive double-barrel available in either 9mm or .45 ACP, but modifiable to accept other rounds. Bond is currently celebrating this derringer variant, proclaiming it a “best seller” in the following August 19th press release:

    If the Backup's ease of concealment isn't your thing and you'd like a longer barrel, Bond offers the Texan.

    If the Backup’s ease of concealment isn’t your thing and you’d like a longer barrel, Bond offers the Texan.

    Granbury, TX – As Bond Arms® custom-made quality handguns grew in popularity, they drew the attention of former law enforcement and former soldiers who loved the guns, but they wanted to see one basic change. At the time, most of Bond Arms’ models came in a polished stainless finish that was both attractive and durable. For these old pros, many wanted to see a model with less shine to improve its conceal-ability and allow it to better blend in and not catch unwanted attention. Bond Arms responded to these requests, and the Backup™ was born, quickly becoming one of their best-selling models of all time.

    The Bond Arms® Backup™ boasts the ultimate blend of compact conceal-ability with threat-stopping firepower. Chambered for the powerful .45 ACP, the entire break-action handgun is only 4.5 inches long with 2.5-inch double barrels for a two-round capacity. All the parts that would normally be shiny on the Backup™ are bead blasted for a grayish, matte finish, while the frame features a dark crinkled powder coat finish.

    The Backup™ is outfitted with Bond Arms newest rubber grips, providing a great handle on the firearm and making it comfortable to shoot. Additional features include the company’s patented rebounding hammer, retracting firing pins, a cross-bolt safety and a spring-loaded, cammed locking lever.

    Like all Bond Arms® handguns, the barrels are interchangeable with a few simple turns of a single hex-head screw to create as many as 25 caliber combinations from 20 available barrels. The Backup™ frame can be used with barrels chambered as small as the .22 rimfire up to a .410 shotgun load.

    “The ultra-compact size, attractive matte-finish and popularity of the .45 ACP chambering among those who carry concealed made the Backup™ a Bond Arms® best-seller right out of the gate,” says Gordon Bond.

    Backup™ Features:

    • Bead-blasted steel double-barrel and frame
    • Powder-coated finish on the frame
    • Standard-sized, rubber grips
    • Front-blade, fixed-rear sights
    • Trigger guard
    • Compatible with all standard Bond Arms barrels
    • Patented rebounding hammer
    • Retracting firing pins
    • Cross-bolt safety
    • Spring-loaded, cammed locking lever
    • 19 ounces
    • Barrel length is 2.5 inches
    • Overall length is 4.5 inches
    • MSRP: $540.00
    Photos courtesy of Bond Arms.
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