[SHOT 2019] BOND ARMS Bullpup9L Pistol and Aluminum Framed Derringer

    [SHOT 2019] BOND ARMS Bullpup9L Pistol and Aluminum Framed Derringer (1)

    During the SHOT Show 2019 Bond Arms has introduced two new firearms – an aluminum framed derringer and the longer barreled version of their Bullpup9 pistol called Bullpup9L. Both guns have some really interesting features. Let’s take a closer look.

    Bond Arms Bullpup9L pistol

    Even with the longer slide, frame and barrel, the Bullpup9L has an overall length of 6″ which is similar to many modern subcompact concealed carry pistols. However, the main advantage of this pistol is in its barrel length. Because of its “bullpup” design (with the barrel telescoping over the magazine) the Bullpup9L has a 4.25″ barrel! Imagine a pistol of Glock 43 size but packing a barrel almost as long as the Glock 17 barrel or slightly longer than the Glock 19 barrel.

    The Bullpup9L pistol also features an accessory rail on the dust cover portion of the frame. The overall weight of this pistol is 19 oz and it is .96″ thick. I think if they did manage to fix the original Boberg pistol issues, then this gun can be an attractive concealed carry choice. The MSRP of Bullpup9L is yet to be determined.

    [SHOT 2019] BOND ARMS Bullpup9L Pistol and Aluminum Framed Derringer (2)

    Bond Arms has also shown a pair of G10 grips that will be available both for the Bullpup9 and Bullpup9L pistols. You can also see the prototype magazine baseplate for these pistols.

    Next new firearm introduced by Bond Arms is a derringer that is only .55″ thick and weighs nothing – 12 oz. When you hold this derringer it doesn’t even feel like a real firearm. Nevertheless, it has two 9mm rounds ready to throw a couple of deadly pills downrange. Such weight reduction is achieved by utilizing an aluminum frame. The short barrels (3″ steel barrels) partially contribute to that, too. The aluminum frame has a steel insert at the breech portion that bears the pressure of the fired cartridge.

    [SHOT 2019] BOND ARMS Bullpup9L Pistol and Aluminum Framed Derringer (4)

    This Bond Arms derringer will be available in 9mm and other calibers that are smaller/weaker than the 9mm. The MSRP is $299.

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