The Boberg XR9S Is Now The Bond Arms Bullpup [NRA 2016]

    At the 2016 NRA Annual Meeting, Texas gunmaker Bond Arms announced that they would be bringing a new incarnation of the Boberg XR series of pistols to the market. Bond Arms bought Boberg last year, and seems very determined to bring that unique pistol to the market at a lower price and with the high reliability expected of a modern carry gun.


    The new incarnation of the Boberg will be called the “Bond Arms Bullpup”, and it comes with a host of changes to improve functioning and reduce cost. Instead of the Boberg’s lubricant, the Bullpup will be NP3 coated on the barrel and locking block. The magazine will finally receive a follower (the original Boberg did not feature one), and the mainspring weight will be adjusted to improve function and reduce the acceleration of the slide. Bond Arms’ goal is to eliminate the problem of spontaneous cartridge disassembly during functioning, and they seemed very confident that they would be successful. Instead of the rubberized polymer grips of the original, Bond will be shipping the Bullpup with wood grips similar to their derringer offerings.

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    Like their derringers, the Bullpup will come with a lifetime warranty, they said, but they will also stand by the warranty of the original firearms, too; current Boberg owners will be able to claim the warranty originally guaranteed by the now-defunct Boberg Arms.

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    The first 300 pistols will be assembled from original Boberg parts; these will be sold for above $1,000 per unit (similar in price to the original Bobergs). However, the new production Bullpups are expected to retail at $850, Bond Arms representatives said.


    Finally, Bond Arms hinted that a suppressable variant, and Bond-made suppressors to go with it, may be on the horizon!

    Nathaniel F

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