Bond Arms Firearms Cause CANCER… According to California Prop 65

    Prop 65

    For full disclosure, Bond Arms firearms do not cause cancer. It is simply the state of California doing what California does… trying to use the government to coddle everyone. So with that being said, we will divert away from any other mild political talk to give you the news. This is a message Bond Arms recently sent out to distributors and gun shops who sell their firearms as a result of the recent ruling from Proposition 65 (Prop 65):

    After August 30th, Bond Arms products will NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE (including guns, barrels, holsters, accessories, apparel, etc.) in the state of California due to Prop 65, which makes all manufacturers label products that could have a chemical that could cause cancer or birth defects, even though it won’t.

    So what is Proposition 65 and how will it affect you if you unfortunately (in regards to firearms) live in California? Proposition 65 is the “Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986.” Your next logical question might be why is an act from 1986 being applied to Bond Arms in 2018? Well, the state of California maintains and publishes a list of known chemicals and substances that can potentially lead to the cause of cancer. This encompassing list is compiled by the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA). The aforementioned list actively contains over 900 substances that must be monitored by businesses.

    Every year the list gets re-examined by a board and chemicals are added, removed or remain on the list. Aside from monitoring certain chemicals, California looks at what they call a “safe harbor level” – a tolerable level that would be safe in public. If any consumer good does not contain a chemical on the list or it is at a safe harbor level, no warning or label is required on the consumer product. If a good has a chemical mentioned on the list and it exceeds the safe harbor level, it must have a Prop 65 Warning on it. This is where it begins to apply to Bond Arms.

    Apparently, there is some chemical that comes in contact with Bond Arms’ firearms that is on the list. Also, it exceeds whatever the safe harbor level is because Bond Arms is now being required to add the Prop 65 Warning to their products. Imagine a brand new glistening Snake Slayer in .45 Long Colt / .410 Gauge with a big ol’ Prop 65 Warning engraved on the side of the barrel. Lovely, right?

    So moving forward Bond Arms will no longer be selling any of their goods in California. Bond Arms has not publicly stated what the exact chemical is in question, but with that dealer notice, sales to the Golden State are to end pretty abruptly.

    So with all of that being said, what do you guys and gals think? Is Prop 65 dumb? Necessary? Should Bond Arms have caved and just labeled their firearms? Do you think they will re-engineer their material makeup to sell again in California in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We would be glad to hear your input.

    Prop 65

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