John Wick’s FIRST Shots – Bond Arms WICKED 9mm

    wicked 9mm

    The firearm community’s infatuation with John Wick has hit a deafening pitch since the release of the 3rd movie. Very few movie-goers realize though that the first firearm John Wick reaches for is a Bond Arms Wicked 9mm derringer! Without giving away spoilers for those who still may have not seen the movie, before John Wick ever touches a Glock or similar tricked-out pistol he relies on a 2-shot 9mm derringer from Bond Arms.

    Lucky for all of us, Bond Arms is going to be making 1,000 copies of that exact firearm for sale as a Limited Run pistol. These Bond Arms derringers will feature specialized serial numbers, unique embellishments, and are shipping to firearm retailers this very week. Everybody can have in on the fun except, unfortunately, for our friends in California and Massachusetts.

    • Model: BAJW-PACKAGE
    • Standard Rubber Grips
    • Fixed Blade Front & Fixed Notch Rear Sight
    • Calibers: 9mm | 45 Long Colt/.410 Gauge
    • Overall Length 5.5” | Weight 30 Ounces

    wicked 9mm

    • Stainless Steel Double-Barrel & Frame
    • Compatible w/ All Standard Bond Arms Barrels
    • Automatic Spent Casing Extractor
    • Patented Rebounding Hammer
    • Retracting Firing Pins
    • Cross-Bolt Safety
    • Spring-Loaded, Cammed Locking Lever

    These one-of-a-kind derringers from Bond Arms initially had an MSRP of $870, but with the excitement of the movie being out Bond Arms has dropped that MSRP for a limited time to $711. How long that will last?… Nobody is certain. If you are taking a liking to the Bond Arms Wicked 9mm it is likely better to act than wait.

    The Bond Arms Wicked 9mm is a very special edition gun that you can get for a limited time! In honor of our gun being the FIRST TWO SHOTS of the movie John Wick 3, we put together a special package that includes a 9mm Bond Arms with a 4.25″ barrel just like the one that John Wick shot in the movie, plus an extra 4.25″ 45/410 barrel.

    It almost goes without saying that everything encompassing John Wick right now is tremendously popular, but what do you think of the Bond Arms Wicked 9mm? Have you already seen the film and witnessed the iconic scene the derringer is used in? Would you buy one? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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