Bond Arms Extreme Torture Test

    **Disclaimer: The video is long, but worth a watch. This is an in-depth torture test**

    Bond Arms has made quite a name for themselves over the years by building quality products that will ensure years of shooting pleasure for all of their customers. A Bond Arms gun has been used to win Cowboy Action Shooting tournaments for the last 15 years, and after I was lucky enough to tour their factory, I was taken aback by their quality control and dedication to producing the finest pistols possible.

    Bond Arms is located in Granbury, Texas which is about an hour or so from me which made linking up with them easy. The owner, Gordon Bond, asked me if I would be interested in filming him trying his damnedest to destroy a few of his firearms to demonstrate how safe his pistols are. Three guns were waiting and ready to be tested (seen above). Of course primed cases would be used to make sure that the guns would not fire when dropped.:


    The following is a video of the test. It is thorough, but watching a grown man play indoor Frisbee with a derringer is very entertaining:

    The results in the video are great, and no gun fired when dropped, thrown, tossed, etc. and the hammer is designed to break away under extreme stress to prevent a discharge (and by extreme, I mean throwing the gun like a fastball onto concrete floor as shown above). All of these marks on the floor are from Gordon slamming the guns down:


    And even after all the torture the guns were not dinged up that bad!


    So what will become of these guns?

    Well the answer is simple: the crew at Bond Arms will simply put in new hammers and ship them off to be further drop tested by a lab.

    I hope you enjoyed the video and if you have any interest in Bond Arms product, don’t be hesitant to check one out. They really are built very well and the crew at Bond truly are among the most ethical people I have come across in the industry.

    Also, look forward to an upcoming review of two very cool Bond Arms products where I get to put them to my own tests. Now I wont play dodgeball with them, but I assure you folks that some shenanigans are bound to occur!

    Alex C.

    Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.