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POTD: AR180 Noir

Photo by @jim_guns. More Armalite 180 love. This AR180 is using a NoDak SPUD lower with a Nikon fixed power P223 3×32 scope. The black background is eye catching due to the lighting. I was told it is a trashbag.

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Why I Don’t Use PMAGs

The Magpul PMAG is a great, well designed magazine that many people like and use in various rifles around the world, but over the years I have discovered that they are not the best option for me personally. It isn’t that they are bad (in fact they feed and run very well in certain firearms) [Read More…]

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Magpul Introduces 5.45mm-Compatible AK Magazine

Rumors of a new Magpul magazine for the AK-74 platform are confirmed: The company has just released the PMAG 30 AK74 MOE magazine, designed to hold 30 rounds of 5.45x39mm ammunition and compatible with all 5.45mm caliber AK rifles that take traditional AK-74 pattern [Read More…]

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