B&T USA BWC-9: A SIG P320 Folding Chassis

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

It is not a secret that I am a fan of folding guns. The Magpul FMG is a holy grail for me and when Magpul announced their collaboration with ZevTech, I was excited. However, there was another possibility that my friends and I discussed describing what we would like to see. And now it seems B&T USA will be making that dream come true with their BWC-9, a folding chassis that uses a SIG P320 FCU and slide.

Folding 9mm PDWs @ TFB:

The BWC-9 from B&T somewhat resembles the Magpul FMG-9. See the folded version above. It looks like it has a carry handle fixed to the top rail and they have an Aimpoint Acro mounted underneath. Just below the top rail, you can see a slot that looks like it is for the charging handle. I think the operation is similar to the Magpul FMG design. The charging handle probably pushes against the front of the P320 slide.

This is what B&T USA posted on their Instagram post.

The B&T BWC-9. A limited run, coming later this year. Uses a SIG320 trigger group and carry slide.

When deployed, the stock portion is raked at an angle rather than being parallel with the chassis. This is to allow the shooter to get a lower cheek weld and aim through the Acro.

Screen cap from B&T USA IG video

Click here to see the @B_T_USA Instagram post with a video of the BWC-9 being deployed.

Screencap from B&T USA IG video

I zoomed into the deployed image and you can see some interesting features. The BWC-9 prototype seems to lack a trigger guard. There is a vertical protrusion but it does not connect to the pistol grip. You can see the typical P320 magazine release. Look carefully at the beaver tail curve. It is a separate piece. This leads me to think the pistol grip folds like the Magpul design.

Photo by B&T USA

If we move towards the muzzle end of the BWC-9, you can see the folding charging handle. At the bottom, you can see a hand stop and behind it is what appears to be a Picatinny rail. However, it looks interrupted in the middle. I question what you can attach to this. Not sure if a weapon light or laser could fit and have the stock close. Vertical grips would get in the way of the folding pistol grip.

Photo by B&T USA

Another thing to question is whether the BWC-9 can fold and deploy with a loaded magazine like the FMG-9. According to B&T USA, this will be a limited run so best of luck to you who want one.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • MassMatt MassMatt on Jun 24, 2022

    “And if you’re on a budget, we have something uglier”.

  • Beju Beju on Jun 26, 2022

    B&T guns seem like questionable values to a cheapskate like me, but I have to admire their willingness to meet customer needs.

    Random agency/military: "Lack of Armalite rifle control commonality is keeping me from ordering a batch of your SMGs."
    B&T: "Done, we'll call it the SPC!"

    Random agency/military: "Remember that folding Magpul that took Glock mags? I'd like 100 of those for my sneaky people/protective detail, but with P320 FCU/magazine compatibility."
    B&T: "[Checks Magpul patents] Sure thing!"