NEW Magpul BDA AR-15 Arm Brace

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y
NEW Magpul BDA AR-15 Arm Brace

Magpul has expanded their lineup of stabilizing arm braces with the new BDA brace. It is fixed in a single position, unlike their other arm braces.

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Magpul was not an early adopter of the stabilizing brace. Despite being one of, if not the, largest manufacturer of AR stocks, Magpul did not release an atm brace until recently. Their two previous designs mounted on a standard buffer tube and featured adjustment mechanisms similar to an AR stock.
The BDA (no relationship to the Browning-branded Beretta 84 by the same name) is a radical departure from those designs. It uses interchangeable clamps to secure itself to either a standard buffer tube or a traditional pistol brace tube. Similar to the BTR and BSL braces, the BDA has a QD sling point on its rear surface. Magpul states that this location allows sling tension, in conjunction with stabilizing against the arm, to allow one-handed shooting of large-format pistols.
Why would Magpul release a fixed arm brace when they already sell adjustable models? The likely answer is the looming ATF pistol brace rule. Now, that rule is not yet finalized, and all we can do at this point is guess what the specifics will be. But the proposed rule would score this brace less harshly than the others they make.
Magpul’s BDA retails for $59.99 and is available on their website at the time of writing.
From the manufacturer:
The Magpul BDA is an AR arm brace designed to improve the single-handed employment of large-format pistols. Through Magpul engineering and design, the BDA offers an optimized stabilizing accessory with reliable Magpul quality.
By simply swapping out the interchangeable clamps, the BDA is compatible with both Mil-Spec carbine and A5 receiver extensions as well as Pistol receiver extensions. An integrated rear QD cup provides ambidextrous sling mounting options, and the brace’s large surface area supplies plenty of lateral forearm contact. Combined, these features allow application of sling tension, drastically increasing single-handed control of the firearm. With a straight-forward design and Magpul innovation, the BDA Arm Brace is a simple solution to improving your AR pistol.

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  • Beanhole Beanhole on Oct 28, 2022

    The QD point on the back of the brace is pretty smart. Hard to argue that this is intended to circumvent the NFA laws now.

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    • Int19h Int19h on Oct 28, 2022

      @Beanhole On the contrary, it is a feature that is unrelated to the "intended" primary purpose of stabilization, and could be argued to fall under the "Incorporates shoulder stock design feature(s)" test in the ATF proposal.

  • Suppressed Suppressed on Oct 29, 2022

    That lower in the main image is weird, like it almost looks like someone took an ambi lower design and removed the ambi mag release feature as the last change before forging/milling it.