Three New Magpul PMAG D-50 Drum Mags Now Shipping

Luke C.
by Luke C.
Three New Magpul PMAG D-50 Drum Mags Now Shipping!

As far back as January of 2021, Magpul has been teasing the release of some new drum mags for Glock and H&K platforms. The good news is that three new Magpul PMAG D-50 drums have just been released! Each of these new drums is made and engineered in the United States and will be compatible with the most popular pistols, and pistol caliber carbines of today.

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The Magpul D-50 GL9 for Glock Pistols

Three new Magpul PMAG D-50 Drum Mags Just Released

3 Drums. 1 Day. If you are looking for unmatched PMAG D-50 performance and capability for America’s favorite pistol caliber, today is your lucky day.

Like all PMAGS, these new flavors of the D-50 drum mag will be made from Magpul’s next-generation impact and crush-resistant polymer and will feature robust stainless-steel internals that can keep up with the abuse you’ll be dishing out to them. There are currently three new varieties of the D-50 drum magazines with compatibility for the H&K MP5/HK94, OEM Glock pistols, and the new GL9 – PCC specifically designed for pistol caliber carbines.

The Magpul D-50 GL9 for PCCs

Each of the new magazines will also feature a new rear viewing window that should help you keep track of how many rounds are currently in the magazine as well as a ratcheting function for easier loading of the magazine. At present, each of the new magazines is only available in one color (black) and will each be sold for $124.95 regardless of platform compatibility. As always we’d like to hear your thoughts on these new D-50 drum mags. Do you have any use for magazines like this outside of a competitive situation? Let us know down in the comments!

The Magpul D-to MP for the HK94 and MP5

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  • Sgt0700 Sgt0700 on Apr 12, 2022

    I will take TWO!! 1st is giant middle finger to Feinstein, 2nd is giant FU Pelosi. No, I won't ever use them, but anything that pisses off anti-gunners, money well spent.

    • Scott C Scott C on Apr 12, 2022

      @Sgt0700 This is why I print feinstein mags myself

  • Tom Tom on Apr 15, 2022

    I'm really surprised they haven't done one for the MPX. Probably sell well since Sig sells the normal mags for almost $70. They're interesting, but I don't really see the point, maybe for some gun games it's an advantage, the size and annoyance of loading them alone is hard to swallow. Especially for like AR's where 30rd magpuls are $10, and 5 of them would take up the same space as a 50rd drum.