[SHOT 2022] Magpul MP5 Stock And Drum Mag

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Magpul has a whole bunch of new items this week at SHOT Show 2022. The one that caught my attention is the Magpul MP5 stock and drum magazine.

Magpul @ TFB

Last year at TFB Gunfest, Magpul announced their MP5 brace and MP5 drum. Well last week they announced the Magpul MP5 stock.

Magpul MP5 Stock

The Magpul MP5 stock is similar to the MP5 brace. The end cap, release lever and bars appear to be the same. You can see how they designed the endcap to flow with their trigger housing.

The Magpul MP5 stock has design cues from their MOE SL line.

The Magpul MP5 stock has a QD sling mount built in and it uses MOE butt pads.

The MP5 stock is estimated to be released Q3 and will retail for $169.99. This is actually not that bad considering German MP5 A3 stocks fetch over $600 now. Just like the MP5 brace, the Magpul MP5 stock features aluminum stock bars. This is a lot lighter than the factory stock.

Magpul D-50 MP Drum

The MP5 drum is here. The display model is an HK SP5 SBR. And the drum tower was a bit tight fitting.

The MP5 drum is basically the same drum as the EVO PMAG D-50 EV9 but with a new tower that fits in MP5 mag wells.

One aspect I was a little concerned with is if the PMAG D-50 MP drum would clear a flared magwell like the one from Haga Designs. Looking at the photo below it seems like it should.

The PMAG D-50 MP drum is coming soon. Real soon. It is listed on the website and will retail for $119.95. Go to the website for more information.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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