[SHOT Show] Magpul X Maztech X4 System

    X4 System

    Out of left field, Magpul announced another collaboration last week. This time it is with Maztech on their X4 System. It is an ammo management system combined with an optic HUD ballistic calculator and laser range finder.

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    Last week Magpul dropped a number of announcements on Instagram. One of them was their collaboration on the X4 System with Maztech.

    The X4 System is a smart HUD for an LPVO. The HUD displays ballistic information, range and ammo status. This is where Magpul comes in. They make the smart magazine for the X4 System.

    With the X4 System magazines the HUD will display your ammo count.

    The guys at Maztech demonstrated this system. The magazines are connected to the X4 System wirelessly to maintain a constant ammo count. There are two numbers. One is for the magazine you are currently using in your rifle. The second number is your total ammo in all the magazines in your load out. The X4 System knows when a round is stripped out of the magazine or a new one is inserted. One aspect I was curious about is what happens if you borrow a magazine or lend one to a buddy? The X4 System is flexible and can be programed for the end user. They will also have non-powered magazines that will be powered by a powered grip on your gun. This will activate the magazine round counter but it will not count rounds outside of the gun like the ones in your mag pouches.

    The X4 System HUD also shows range, compass and an actively adjusting reticle that tilts when you cant the optic. The X4 System can be paired up with their laser range finder seen below.

    It attaches to the top of the optic mount HUD window but they have plans to have a separate mount so you can attach it to the gun. I was concerned about heigh clearance for night vision or thermal clip ons but if you can remotely attach the LRF then that would solve this issue.

    The system is to adjust for range displayed in the HUD. There is a ballistics calculator built in. So when you tag the target, the computer in the mount will calculate a ballistic solution and the chevron displayed on the electronic reticle will be your aiming point.

    The X4 System will be $2000 for the mount ballistic calculator. They do not have a price for the magazines or the LRF at the moment.

    The future is now and smart optics are coming.

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