[SHOT 2022] Magpul FDC-9 and FDP-9 Prototype

    Last year Magpul announced a collaboration with Zev Technologies that would bring the realization of a dream to fruition. They will be making the Magpul FMG-9 but for the civilian market as the FDP-9. Last Friday they unveiled that it is coming and they have an FDP-9 prototype at their SHOT Show Booth.

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    Magpul and Zev Tech are going to make two versions of the folding Glock. The FDP-9 and FDC-9. The FDC-9 will be an SBR version with a stock while the FDP-9 will be a pistol variant. They are similar aesthetically with only a minor change to the part that under folds into a stock for the FDC-9. The FDP-9 prototype has a rear section with a sling loop at the end.

    FDP-9 prototype and FDC-9 behind glass

    Jon Canipe of Magpul was kind enough to walk me through some of the details of the FDP-9 prototype. One major piece of information that he shared is related to their Instagram post last Friday. They said “The regulatory roadmap has been laid out”.

    Jon Canipe confirmed that they have ATF approval for both versions. The FDP-9 will be a title I firearm aka a pistol while the FDC-9 will be a title II firearm aka SBR.

    What separates the FDC-9 from the FDP-9 prototype is the part that turns into a stock on the FDC-9. Below are pictures of the pistol.

    The FDP-9 prototype looks like the FDC-9 at first glance. There is an end cap that covers up the muzzle of the barrel.

    But if you look closely, the end cap has a part line separation and a circle hinge.

    When you deploy the FDP-9, the bottom part is released and it unfolds. When it opens up and locks into place, the front end cap folds into the rear section. So now the rear section can be used to cheek the pistol but it does not have a butt pad for you to shoulder.

    Those two rectangular tabs above the muzzle retract to release the end cap which is the under side of the stock on the FDC-9 or the folding end cap on the pistol.

    The silver tab above and behind the muzzle is a folding charging handle. On either side of the upper housing. This is for deploying the folding Glock while also manipulating the slide inside when you pull it all the way back.

    Another minor update that Jon Canipe shared is that they have added adjustable sights to the carry handle. The original FMG-9 and early prototypes of the FDC-9 have fixed sights. You can see the screw on the side near the rear of the carry handle. This adjusts for windage.


    The original FMG-9 has an end cap that simply tabs into a slot on the stock. The FDP-9 prototype and FDC-9 is more robust and has a more solid lockup with a button latch that locks onto the stock rear extension.

    It is still early days for the FDC-9 and FDP-9 prototype. But now that they have cleared it with the ATF they are working on making the molds and will continue to refine and test it to make a solid product that lives up to the Magpul brand. Price is yet to be determined and I wouldn’t expect this to come out until next year at the earliest.

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