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B&T SPC9 Oberland Arms KDA II Titan 3D Suppressor Chiappa PAK-9 CZ 2075 RAMI

POTD: SIG Sport 552

Today we take a look at a SIG Sport 552 in a picture taken by Schrombo. I am surprised that the German Firearms legislation forces the flashlight to be a dummy. I have never tried the 552 Sport but shot a bit with the 552 Commando. Which trigger we like is individual, [Read More…]

POTD: Canik TP9 Elite Combat

Today’s Photo is a Canik TP9 Elite Combat in 9×19 mm. The picture used with permission thanks to Schrombo – check his Instagram out in the link provided. I ordered this Canik TP9 Elite Combat at this years (read 2018) IWA in Nürnberg  – and today it [Read More…]