POTD: Oberland Arms OA-15 Super Light Rifle

    Photo Of The Day – We take a quick look at the Oberland Arms OA-15 SL14 (Super Light) M-LOK in caliber .223 Remington. It weighs only 2.8 kgs or 4.4 lbs.

    “Argh – another one of those boring black AR15 clones” you might think.
    But this is the first time German manufacturer Oberland Arms has produced an ultralight AR15 – their OA-15 SL14 M-LOK (with the SL as the abbreviation for „super light“).
    It‘s a pretty straightforward build, but with a slim and lightweight barrel profile and a lightweight polymer rear stock. The handguard is a 13“ Geissele Mk4 Super Modular Rail. I added a Geissele G2S trigger, a Magpul MOE K2+ pistol grip, a Radian Raptor ambi charging handle and removed the factory polymer backup sights and replaced them with folding iron sights by ERA-TAC (with a Blitzkrieg Components front sight post). And then there is this strange Chinese M-LOK front grip I found on eBay.
    I haven‘t decided yet what optic to use (if any), but so far, I‘m really diggin‘ this baby!

    Have you done any light builds yourself? What do you consider light for an AR15?

    Caption and picture by Schrombo.