300 Blackout with LAW Tactical and Dolos Take-Down

    Schrombo from Germany continues to deliver another interesting project, this time in 300 Blackout.

    This project is also an example of how different Gun Laws can be from nation to nation, state to state.

    DOLOS sounds like a disease you really don’t want to get, but it’s a rather nice solution from Pantheon Arms for any Milspec AR15. I have only seen it briefly live on a friend’s rifle, and it enables discreet, concealed carry and rapid deployment through and interesting detachable barrel solution.

    Combined with the LAW Tactical Folding Stock Adapter we’re looking at a seriously short system, that almost fits a lady’s handbag. It makes you wonder – were rifles really meant to become this compact?


    …Yet another AR15 you say? Now just wait a minute…
    What at first glance looks like just another black rifle, has some very neat features. And I’m not talking about the fact that its chambered in .300AAC Blackout…

    The folding stock adapter from LAW Tactical shortens the package from 66cm/26in to 46cm/18in.
    And then the Dolos take-down system from Pantheon Arms enables you to detach the barrel/handguard assembly from the upper receiver in seconds with just a 30° twist of the handguard.

    So now the whole AR15 is down to 9.5in x 9.5” x 4.5in (even smaller if you take off the Aimpoint CompM4) and fits in practically any backpack or bag.

    This is the view from the front of the rifle to show you the tri-lug attachment and ratchet system. The Dolos takedown works with lots of Yankee Hill handguards.

    I used an upper and lower receiver from Aero Precision, a Geissele G2S trigger, a Battle Arms minimalist stock attached to a VLTOR carbine buffer tube, a Noveske receiver end plate with a QD sling socket, the LAW Tactical folding stock adapter, a Faxon .300 AAC pistol length barrel, a Geissele low profile gasblock, a B5Systems pistol grip, a Yankee Hill Diamond handguard, a Geissele milspec lower receiver small parts kit, Magpul backup sights, a Magpul hand stop and a CAA short vertical grip. Plus the Aimpoint CompM4 in a QD mount by American Defense.

    In Germany this build is only legal because of the .300AAC Blackout barrel. Over here this is legally a pistol due to the folding stock and the take-down system. And pistols in center-fire calibers smaller than 6.5mm are illegal. So I could have built this in .22LR or any caliber larger than 6.5mm. But in .223 this build would not have been possible.

    Below: Ever wondered what the AR15 bolt and carrier looks like from inside? Wonder no more.

    Unless you know what you’re looking at it is difficult to know…

    What I was really impressed with was the quality of the Geissele milspec lower receiver small parts. Those are way above the milspec parts of any other manufacturer I have come across so far. As far as I’m concerned, whenever I’m going to use milspec small parts, I’ll go for the Geissele parts from now on! A big thumbs up!

    I must say that the more I read about various Gun Laws, the more confusing it gets.

    Here’s what the complete package looks like, with the stock out. This is as long as this baby gets. Watch your front grip, the holes are going to be at least .300…  I am only missing the suppressor on this system, but I think – again – that local legislation in Germany may have different views on the that.

    You can find Pantheon Arms Dolos Take-Down System here.

    Interested in the Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter? Click here to check it out at Law Tactical‘s own Homepage.

    All pictures used with permission from “Schrombo“. Check out his Instagram here.

    As I mentioned in the beginning, here’s another example. An OA-15 Oberland Arms with BOLOS and a different PDW stock (I have that stock as well on one of my firearms, but as my friend said: you can’t remember the name of everything you buy).

    This handy system fits inside this lady’s fashionable Italian handbag from Furla. Talk about low profile concealed carry. This system runs .223 Remington, with a very short barrel.

    In Greek mythology, Dolos (“Deception”) is the spirit of trickery and guile. I don’t know if that’s where Pantheon Arms got the name for the Dolos system, but it makes some sense.

    Eric B

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