POTD: Brügger & Thomet BT-96k with Shield Red Dot

    In Today’s Photos, you can spot a rather unusual B&T BT-96k (HK MP5 clone) with either the Shield SMS 4 MOA or the Shield SIS. Since this clone was built Brügger & Thomet have changed to the shorter company name B&T.

    The Shield SMS can be seen above (Open design) and the Shield SMS below (closed design).

    Below: Notice the Swiss B&T logotype on the magazine well. Pretty cool! Looks like it has a Spuhr MP5/HK53 Forend also.

    From Schrombo’s description:

    I’ve been looking far and wide – and for a long time, too – for an optic solution for my Swiss made H&K MP5 clone. And my demands were high: low sight axis, so I can use my iron sights, rock solid mounting solution, rugged construction – and it should be waterproof. Especially cowitnessing was a real problem, as the iron sights sit very low over the receiver.

    But now I finally found everything I was wishing for in the form of the Shield SIS sight. The SIS (Switchable Interface Sight) can even switch between four different sight pictures (including an 1MOA dot and an 8MOA dot), it adjusts to ambient light conditions while still giving me the option of manual adjusting brightness, it runs continuously for a year on a CR2032 battery, it’s waterproof up to 30min at a depth of 1m and it’s all aluminium construction is rugged as hell.

    And now for the best part – using the Shield MP5 mount it mounts rock solid and low enough for an absolute perfect cowitnessing! And all that with a weight of only 2.16oz! I’m in heaven!

    Picture used with permission thanks to Schrombo – check his Instagram out in the link!