POTD: Transforming the Howa 1500 Rifle

    Photo Of The Day – Today we take a look at the Howa 1500 build in various stages of development. These pictures are from Schrombo’s collection of gun pictures, used with permission. Here is his description of his find.

    To avoid confusion, the text below goes with the picture above.

    When I recently built my short Howa 1500 rifle, I knew I had a winner. But I didn‘t really like the plastic Howa floorplate and the way the mag release sits at the front of the magwell. So I kept looking – until I saw the KRG 180-Xray chassis system.
    I wanted the features a chassis system offers, but that usually comes at a price: weight. Not so with the KRG chassis. This is an incredible lightweight system and offers an adjustable cheek piece, a length adjustable stock (via inserts), a hight adjustable butt plate and a nice pistol grip – plus it uses AICS mags (I use Magpul AICS compatible mags). Then I put my 15 year old Harris bipod on the rifle and the project was finally finished. The rifle has now an overall length of only 38.5in/98cm – and that includes the Jaki reflex suppressor!

    I had always wanted a short bolt-action rifle – and when one of my suppliers had a Howa 1500 on sale, I knew that my time had finally come. But of course the barrel was way too long; and it was too thick to fit under the reflex Jaki suppressor.

    But that didn‘t faze me – so my local gunsmith cut the barrel off, turned the front section down (you can see the shoulder right where the forend ends) and re-threaded the barrel. Now the rifle is shorter with the suppressor attached than it was when I first got it.
    To mount the 1x-6x Hawke scope directly to the action I used DNZ Products‘ scope rings and their simple & ingenious alignment tool. I can‘t say enough good things about DNZ‘s products. Their scope rings have an insane amount of threaded space for the extra long screws, so there‘s no chance of ever stripping the threads.
    Desperately waiting for range time now…

    You can find the Howa 1500 rifle here: https://www.howausa.com/1500-hogue-rifle

    The Jaki suppressors are Made in Finland, find them here: http://jaki.fi/en

    And Schrombo’s Instagram here.