POTD: Smith & Wesson Model 3913NL in 9×19

    Photo Of The Day – It’s time to take a closer look at a Smith & Wesson, in this case, the Model 3913NL which is very close to the LadySmith version.

    All the pictures and words connected below originally by Schrombo, check out his Instagram.

    I found another little gem at an online auction platform – and today it finally arrived:

    The Smith & Wesson Model 3913NL.

    This pistol is identical to the 3913LS – the LadySmith model – but it lacks the “Lady Smith” engraving on the right side of the slide (and thus making it acceptable to carry for us X/Y heterogametic chromosomal disasters, too).

    The LS/NL variants of the 3913 have a stainless steel slide, an aluminium alloy frame and matching grey grips.

    The frame has a sleeker, more streamlined look (compared to the 3913 standard model) and the slide has only a single-sided safety/decocker lever and is therefore a bit smaller and easier to carry concealed.

    Somewhere along the line someone replaced the perfectly fine fixed rear sight with an adjustable LPA target sight – an aberration I will correct as soon as I find a source for the original rear sight.

    What do you think of this Smith & Wesson? Is it something you would consider for Everyday Carry?