POTD: Chiappa M1886 Ridge Runner Takedown

    Photo Of The DayWe take a look at a 12″ Chiappa M1886 Ridge Runner Takedown in .45/70 Government.

    Caption from Schrombo:

    “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.“ – Ellen Ripley

    That‘s the quote that comes to my mind every single time I pick up my new baby:

    The Chiappa M1886 Ridge Runner Takedown lever action rifle chambered in .45/70 with a heavy 12“ octagonal barrel, Skinner sight with fibre optic front post and D-shaped lever.

    I’d really like one, but the closest one I could find on Chiappa Firearm’s homepage was this one: 1886 RIDGE RUNNER TAKE DOWN RIFLE (MATTE CHROME) 45-70/18.5″BBL.

    It has an MSRP of $1,830.00 and the barrel is 18.5″.

    Nothing says classic stopping power and performance like a lever action .45-70 and nothing says this better than a Model 1886. Chiappa Firearms keep the performance and nostalgia alive and well with their accurate reproduction of the classic John M. Browning design. For modern, hard hitting performance, the Ridge Runner with its durable hard chrome coating and Soft Touch finish are perfect for hunting in adverse weather and conditions. Exclusively sold by Taylors & Co.

    For another interesting takedown check the Suppressed 9x19mm – Bergara BA-13 Takedown

    The picture is from Shrombo’s collection of gun pictures.