POTD: SIG Sport 552

    Today we take a look at a SIG Sport 552 in a picture taken by Schrombo.

    I am surprised that the German Firearms legislation forces the flashlight to be a dummy.

    I have never tried the 552 Sport but shot a bit with the 552 Commando. Which trigger we like is individual, but that trigger is far from sweet as it is more of a duty trigger.

    The SIG 55x series of rifles represent Swiss engineering at it’s best!

    Top notch reliability, precision and ergonomics all rolled into one. Right out of the box my semi-auto SIG Sport 552 has the sweetest trigger you can imagine!

    The (proprietary) 20 and 30 round mags can be clipped together to provide more firepower. The only downside are the horrendous prices you pay for any kind of replacement parts or upgrades like the rail handguard and the diopter / folding front sight combo you see in this picture.

    The story behind the labeled ammo crate? I was fed up with having to gather all of a specific rifles mags and stuff every time I went to the range (you may have noticed that I have quite a lot of guns ).

    So now all mags, tools, spare parts, slings, suppressors, etc… for a firearm are stored in these MTM ammo crates. Then I just choose the guns to take to the range, grab the corresponding boxes and I’m good to go!

    And because of insane German gun laws the flashlight attached to the rifle is no longer a flashlight, but rather a non-functional dummy

    Here is a link to SAN Swiss Arms for more information. SIG 553 R for me please, regardless of the trigger.