POTD: Suppressed 9x19mm – Bergara BA-13 Takedown

    So you think think the Ruger PC Carbine is too common and boring? Well, Today’s Photo Of The Day is going to give you some inspiration.

    This configuration is going to be extremely quiet with 9×19 mm heavy subsonics.

    I‘m always on the lookout for small, nifty rifles – and yes, I found a new one!

    Meet my Spanish Bergara BA-13 take down, single shot, break open rifle chambered in 9×19 with an ASE Utra suppressor (originally .30 cal, but modified for 9mm) and a Holosun HS503GU red dot sight.

    The BA-13 comes in a very nice carrying case and is available in a wide variety of chamberings; basically it’s the equivalent of the Harrington & Richardson / New England Firearms Handi-Rifle.

    Perhaps this could be something for the PCC manual action division? (Which doesn’t exist, luckily)

    The picture is from Schrombo’s collection of gun pictures, used with permission. For more inspiration check his Czech Side-by-side Shotgun.

    What do you think of the build and the configuration? Inspiring or stupid?