POTD: GSG MP40 in caliber 9×19 – Walther PP in 7.65×17

    Today’s Photo Of The Day is an MP40 in 9×19 mm together with some other German “parts”.

    The picture used with permission thanks to Schrombo – check his Instagram out in the link provided.

    Schrombo wrote:

    I‘m channeling my inner (and outer) German today
    This is sadly no original MP40 but rather the semiauto version of the iconic MP40 from GSG (German Sport Guns) – together with a genuine Walther PP and some vintage WWI 9×19 rounds – all on a very nice reproduction of a MP40 carrying case made from canvas and leather.

    And no, the “Stilhandgranate” (stick grenade) isn’t an original either. And of course it’s not functional…


    You can find the MP40 9×19 mm here (in Europe): https://www.german-sport-guns.com/shop/en/GSG-MP40-9x19mm_940.00.02

    Item description:

    The submachine gun 40 was produced by Erma and Steyr from 1940 until 1944. The very compact and easy to handle MP40 was build over a million times during this time. Its well known predecessors are the MP36 and the MP38.

    The self-loading rifle with blowback in caliber 9x19mm features a housing and handle made of die-cast zinc, a barrel made of cold-forged special steel, a milled steel breech, a strong extractor claw, an active ejector and a folding rear sight. Delivery of scope includes five changeable front sights.
    Approved for sport shooting.

    The price for the MP40 is 699 Euro, to give you an idea about the cost.

    The picture is from Shrombo’s collection of gun pictures.