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lutygun567 improguns IMG_6090 WP_20150506_22_48_18_Pro ares-scr-low-rise-iron-sights-low-profile-max-slowik trajectory_2 IMG_0736 (Custom) Deagle De_Reffye IMG_5127 2015-05-20 22.32.03 10-Yard-50-200-Zero-Target-575x744 Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 9.08.16 PM IMG_6684 1911pistol

BCM Gunfighter 1911

Bravo Company USA recently debuted their new Gunfighter 1911, a collaboration between BCM’s Gunfighter instructors and the 1911 makers Wilson Combat. They retail at a hefty $3290, currently you can reserve one and they’ll be shipped out as they’re [Read More…]

Daewoo_DP51 Glock23 Eliminator

Cimarron Eliminator 8

Cimarron announced a new revolver: the Eliminator 8. This new single-action wheel gun features a 4.75″ octagonal barrel (hence the “8” in the name.) The new Eliminator 8 has Army-style grips and a pre-war frame that is color case hardened. The cylinder [Read More…]

Serbu_BFG-50A_2_335455 smurf_gun_1

POTD: The Smurf Gun

TFB writer Timothy Yan sent us a photo of a Short Barreled AR-15 chambered in 6.5 Grendal he recently shot. The gun was being used to demonstrate the new high capacity 6.5 Grendel steel magazine by Elander. I like it. Thanks Tim.