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India Restarts Rifle Program (Again), Solicits for 7.62x51mm Rifles, Not 5.56x45mm

It feels like déjà vu: India has once again issued a Request For Information (RFI) for a new rifle, this time in 7.62x51mm NATO caliber. The RFI was reportedly issued on the 27th of September, making it two and a half months between the nation’s government [Read More…]

KRX-4 IMG_4294 14516332_10100819949731488_2346189254536589224_n 5Pxcpef AK47 Cutaway @TFB IMG_4317 SLP-4 FNAR-5 Stealth Precision riflestack P8172614 Image source: Konstantin Lazarev, used with permission Glock19Cover M1911A1 IMG_4267 7cL8FoA

AR-15 Jammed By Bee

We have all been out at the range enjoying a nice afternoon with our AR-15 when BAM, your rifle jams. Most of the time these malfunctions are pretty standard, but Youtube user AregularGuy experienced a malfunction caused by an entirely unexpected source. A bee. While [Read More…]

IMG_4323 KalashnikovStatue660x376 CompRail IMG_4280 beamshot

Beamshot “Insider” – Multi-Function Laser Light System and NATO Powered Rail

Background: You may remember NATO’s “Powered Rail Team”, consisting of 10 nations with the common goal of bringing forward a STANAG (NATO standardization document) for a Powered Accessory Rail for small firearms? Think a Picatinny rail, but with power [Read More…]

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