Wheelgun Wednesday: Charter Arms Professional V .357 Mag/.38 SPL

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

Like an itch we can’t scratch… a toxic girlfriend we can’t quit… or a can of Pringles where you “can’t just have one” (who remembers that ’90s TV ad?), we are back taking a gander at some more Charter Arms revolvers this week on Wheelgun Wednesday. If you have been following along (or not), Charter Arms manufactures a “Professional Series” that could be viewed as a semi-Custom Shop quality lineup of revolvers. They are all chambered in .32 H&R Magnum or .357 Magnum with varying aesthetic finishes, appearances, and feature sets. So far, we have covered 4 out of the 6 Professionals which logically brings us to the 5th. So, today we are going to take a look at the Charter Arms Professional V .357 Magnum/.38 Special to see what makes this wheelgun special from the rest of its Professional brethren. Let’s dive in!

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Charter Arms Professional V .357 Magnum/.38 Special

The Charter Arms Professional V .357 Magnum/.38 Special, unsurprisingly, has a lot in common with other iterations from the Professional Series with a bit of its own unique twist. We are seeing similar properties in the Green LitePipe™ Fiber Optic front sight, it being a Double-Action (DA)/Single Action (SA) revolver, and that we see a .357 Magnum chambering once again. The rest of the specs for the Charter Arms Professional V can be read below as presented by Charter Arms:

  • SKU: CH73526 | UPC: 678958735260
  • Family: The Professional Series
  • Model: Professional V
  • Action: Double-Action (DA) | Single Action (SA)
  • Cartridge: .357 Magnum / .38 Special
  • Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Frame: Steel
  • Grips: Walnut Contoured, Finger-Grooved Grip
  • Barrel: 3″ Stainless Steel, Full Underlug
  • Overall Length: 7 13/16″ (7.8125″)
  • Cylinder: 6 Rounds | Stainless Steel
  • Sights: Green LitePipe™ Fiber Optic Front & Integral Grooved Notch Rear
  • Hammer: Standard, Exposed
  • Weight: 22 Oz.
Charter Arms Professional V .357 Magnum/.38 Special - MSRP $519.40

The Charter Arms Professional V also comes with a Lockable Plastic Case, Owner’s Manual, and a Trigger Lock (pretty standard for most firearms nowadays). The current MSRP for the Charter Arms Professional V is set at $519.40 (a peculiar and specific number for an MSRP… very curious, but it is what it is).

WHAT’S UNIQUE ABOUT #5?… Charter Arms Professional V .357 Magnum/.38 Special

There have been 2 other Professionals chambered in .357 Magnum/.38 Special so far, but this is the first one with an all stainless steel finish. So, it is definitely an eye-catching change from the previous 2 versions. Also, this .357 Magnum is the first to deploy the Charter Arms Walnut Contoured, Finger-Grooved Grip set. The grips, themselves, aren’t new, but this is the first .357 Magnum from the Professional series to don them.

Charter Arms Professional V .357 Magnum/.38 Special - MSRP $519.40

HOW IS THIS PROFESSIONAL LIKE THE OTHERS?… Charter Arms Professional V .357 Magnum/.38 Special

The Charter Arms Professional V has a lot of similarities with those who have come before it. There are the sights (Green LitePipe™ Fiber Optic Front & Integral Grooved Notch Rear) which have been on a lot of the Professionals. The classy grip set (Walnut Contoured, Finger-Grooved Grip) has been applied to multiple offerings. Also, the simple yet attractive appeal of a stainless steel finish has been present in one other Professional as well (the Professional IV).

CLOSING THOUGHTS – Charter Arms Professional V .357 Magnum/.38 Special

Once again, I will make the same remarks that I have been making for 5 weeks straight… and it is that I wish Charter Arms advertised these revolvers more. Pump up the advertising. Give us more photos, more specs, and more details… our appetite for more deets and sweet, rad, in-action photos is insatiable. Sell us these revolvers! At the moment, we have shared everything with you that we know about the Professional V as well as the other Professionals.

Our appetite for more deets and sweetradin-action photos is insatiable. Sell us these revolvers, Charter Arms!

Like I have stated in prior Wheelgun Wednesdays, I consider myself to be pretty in tune with the revolver market and I had no clue these Professional Series revolvers existed until roughly 2 months ago. Some lifestyle photos and more in-depth, nitty-gritty specs would be wonderful! The ball (or bullet) is in your court, Charter Arms.

Next week, we will finish walking through the Charter Arms’ Professional series and bring this unadvertised lineup to an end. Between all 6 of The Professional revolvers that Charter Arms is crafting, you have the option of a .32 H&R Magnum or .357 Magnum for cartridge offerings. Both of these are stout rounds for defense depending on if you want to go big or small. Until we meet again next week, what do you think? Does this “Professional” series look interesting to you? Enough so that you’d be willing to purchase and carry one? As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

Charter Arms Professional V .357 Magnum/.38 Special - MSRP $519.40
Adam Scepaniak
Adam Scepaniak

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  • 9911kelly 9911kelly on Apr 10, 2024

    I bought a Charter Arms Professional identical to the one in the article, at a gun show. I installed rubber grips that I bought from Charter because they're more comfortable, and I don't have to worry about them getting damaged. I've shot it several times, and it's a good shooter. While I'm a huge fan of S&W revolvers, the Charter is what I keep in my hiking/survival pack, loaded and with two speed loaders. It functions well, reasonably accurate, and I'm not too concerned if it gets scratched, etc. The only problem I've had is that the front sight came loose. A little bit of Superglue Gel (which I already had anyway) used as threadlocker for the screw, plus enough extra to go between the sight and the gun, then tightening the screw pretty tight, and the sight hasn't came loose since. It's still plenty tight.

  • Joe Pawlak Joe Pawlak on Jun 18, 2024

    I purchased a Charter Arms Professional in .357 a year ago. Good shooter until the cylinder release fell off at the range. The tool Charter sells to reinstall it is expensive, so I made my own and reinstalled the part with Loctite. Good to go for another 100 rounds then it locked up. Wouldn't fire in single or double action, the cylinder was barely able to open and the forcing cone was damaged. I was only firing .38 target loads. Sent it back for repair. Charter said to return it marked as Machine Parts. I took it to an FFL instead and had them return it. Charter had to replace the trigger, hammer, mainspring, and grip frame. They reprofiled the forcing cone. Took it out yesterday for a test run and ran a quick mix of .38 and .357 loads through it to get it real hot and see if there were any repeat failures. I had none. Hopefully the repairs cured the problem of a gun built on a Monday morning or Friday afternoon when QA was not around. I'll let you know if she holds up.