Wheelgun Wednesday: Charter Arms Professional II .357 Mag/.38 SPL

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

Last week on Wheelgun Wednesday, we ventured down the rabbit hole that is the Charter Arms Professional series of revolvers. This is a 6 gun grouping of revolvers that receives an extra special touch of attention and care from Charter Arms. While they carry the moniker of Professional, these are not military or police contract revolvers of any kind (that I am aware of). They are simply mindfully constructed wheelguns meant for concealed carry for the everyday enthusiast. These Charter Arms revolvers from their Professional series are chambered in either .32 H&R Magnum (which is a unique cartridge choice when they could have opted for .327 Federal Magnum) as well as .38 Special/.357 Magnum. This week on Wheelgun Wednesday, we are going to take a look at the Charter Arms Professional II, which you can easily guess, is the 2nd installment in the Professional series. Let’s dive in!

Wheelgun Wednesday @ TFB

Charter Arms Professional II .38 Special/.357 Magnum - MSRP $547.40


The Charter Arms Professional II is very similar to the Professional (aka “The Professional” aka “The Professional I”). The small nuanced differences come in the cartridge chambering for the Professional II (.38 Special/.357 Magnum), and other small aesthetic choices that Charter Arms made. All of the specs for the Charter Arm Professional II can be read below:

  • SKU: CH63526 | UPC: 678958635263
  • Family: The Professional Series
  • Model: Professional II
  • Action: Double-Action (DA) | Single Action (SA)
  • Cartridge: .38 Special / .357 Magnum
  • Finish: Applied Black Blacknitride+ Finish
  • Frame: Stainless Steel Frame
  • Grips: Black Finger Grooved Rubber Grip
  • Barrel: 3″ Steel
  • Overall Length: 7 13/16″
  • Cylinder Capacity: 6 Rounds
  • Sights: Ramped, Serrated, Low-Glare Front & Integral Grooved Notch Rear
  • Hammer: Standard, Exposed
  • Weight: 23 Oz.

The Charter Arms Professional II is a much more “quiet” or “muted” offering in that it has Black Finger Grooved Rubber Grips as opposed to the Professional which has gorgeous walnut grips. Additionally, the original Professional had a Green LitePipe front sight while the Professional II has a more simplistic Ramped, Serrated, Low-Glare front sight. Some people might think that Charter Arms skimped on this revolver offering, but I disagree. In a world that applauds Cerakote and flashy finishes, some of us like a much more subtle appearance; especially if it is something that could be used for self-defense and end up in a court of law.

If your EDC revolver looks like a cartel member owns it, you will be judged like a cartel member.

I’m not trying to create political or law discussions, but you understand the sentiment I am driving at. So, with the Charter Arms Professional II you have a much more plain, but likely, purposefully, selected appearance for prospective concealed carry owners.


I mentioned last week that Charter Arms does not get the press that they honestly deserve and some of that can be attributed to their website being short on information. When people want to spend their hard-earned money they really want to dig into the minutia of a firearm. What is the rifling/twist rate? What kind of endurance testing has been accomplished? What holsters is it compatible with? What speedloaders work with it? Are they proprietary? Or, is it the same pattern as a bigger name-brand revolver’s speedloader? These are all things that Charter Arms does not tell us.

Also, Charter Arms has next to no – what I would call – sexy pics. I’m not talking about scantily clad women posing with revolvers. Give us some photos of your revolver out in the woods on a log, next to a creek, being deployed from concealment, being retrieved from a safe, or next to a campfire. Throw some cool vibes at us like, “Whoa! That looks cool – and I want to be cool – I need one of those!

I’m not here to disparage Charter Arms. If you know me, I’m not that guy. This is just some constructive criticism so we become more apt to drool over their offerings. In fact, in Charter Arms’ defense, after last week’s Wheelgun Wednesday someone from Charter Arms reached out to me to attempt to provide more information. At this time, Charter Arms is stating that they are currently updating their website which explains why many of these Professional models are so light on photos and details (or, not listed at all).

The Professional Series as listed on Lipseys.com

Final Thoughts – CHARTER ARMS PROFESSIONAL II .38 Special/.357 MAGNUM

So, while Charter Arms is re-working their website to provide us more information, we are going to keep walking our way through the Professional series. There are 4 more wheelguns to go and we have to thank Lipsey’s for having some info on these revolvers; otherwise, I would have never known they existed and been spurred on to share this information with all of you. As always, let us know all of your thoughts concerning Charter Arms, the Professional series, and the two revolvers we have covered thus far. We always appreciate your feedback.

Charter Arms Professional II .38 Special/.357 Magnum - MSRP $547.40
Adam Scepaniak
Adam Scepaniak

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  • Tony B. Tony B. on Mar 17, 2024

    That does not look like a 3" barrel.

  • Aerodawg Aerodawg on Mar 17, 2024

    What's Charter build quality like these days? I know it's been up and down over the years. I've always kinda wanted a Bulldog for some reason but that down part has always stopped me.