JP Enterprises D2 Series Adjustable Gas Blocks

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JP Enterprises D2 Series Adjustable Gas Blocks (1)

Expanding their line of adjustable gas systems, JP Enterprises have released the new D2 Series of adjustable AR-15 gas blocks. The D2 Series gas blocks are low profile, lightweight, and provide 52 gas settings that are selected with the use of a hex key. Let’s take a closer look at the specs and features of JP Enterprises D2 Series adjustable gas blocks.

JP Enterprises @ TFB:

JP Enterprises D2 Series Adjustable Gas Blocks (3)

Here is a breakdown of the features mentioned above, as presented by JP Enterprises:

  • Slim Profile Design: The D2 Series boasts a streamlined profile, purpose-built to fit cleanly beneath even the slimmest profile hand guards with top rail, such as our M-LOK Series.
  • Short Journal Optimized: Shorter dimensions cater to shorter gas block journals such as those on Proof Barrels, ensuring a superior fit.
  • Enhanced Dirt Tolerance: The exterior detent mechanism on the nut enhances dirt and carbon tolerance while the robust 5/32 drive also allows for heavier torque to overcome and easily eject fouling.
  • Minute Adjustment Refinement: With 52 clicks between full open and full close, the D2 Series doubles the adjustment clicks of our current detent blocks, making them ideal for SBRs and other high-pressure/short-dwell-time barrels.
  • Versatile Adjustment Options: The adjustment nut features a 5/32 hex drive and slots, providing flexibility for customization with a range of tools, including screwdrivers and knives.
  • Lightweight Design: The D2 Series add negligible weight at just 2.5 oz.
The dimensions of the .750 version of JP D2 Series gas blocks. The .875 gas block is about .100 taller and wider. Both are 1.5 long.

JP Enterprises D2 Series adjustable gas blocks are made of 416 stainless steel. They are available for barrels with .750″ and .875″ gas block journal diameters. The D2 Series gas blocks have a two-piece design and are clamped onto the barrels using four hex screws which are of course included in the package along with the roll pin necessary for the installation of the gas tube. The MSRP of both models is $149.95.

Pictures by JP Enterprises, Inc.,

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  • Dave Dave on Apr 04, 2024

    Save your self $50 ($70 if it's a holiday sale) and get a superlative arms blow-off gas block instead. It shoots suppressed as clean as DI unsuppressed and requires very little cleaning. Keeps bolt velocity low when shooting suppressed as well. In my opinion it's the third best upgrade one can make to an AR after an optic and sling. You have all the gas you need and the rest just poofs away. No gas in the face when shooting suppressed, either.

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    • Andrew Andrew on Apr 06, 2024

      @mig1nc Did they compare it to an adjustable gas block with no bleed-off? That’d be the only fair comparison.

  • Cornpop Cornpop on Apr 04, 2024

    Looks right 👍