Griffin Armament Announces KAC M110-compatible MGL Silencers

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y

In an exciting turn of events for clone rifle fans, Griffin Armament has a range of KAC-compatible silencers coming soon. The new Military GATE-LOK (MGL) suppressors come in three sizes for compatibility with various rifle configurations. Let’s look at the available models.

Silencers @ TFB:

Like the Knights Armament suppressors that inspired them, the MGL series mounts to the gas block of the rifle. This necessitates specific gas block and barrel lengths for compatibility rather than just a threaded muzzle. Griffin specifically calls out the M-110, Mk11 Mod 0, and 16-inch ECC as compatible models, as well as Mk13 clones.

There are three models in the MGL line:


MSRP: $1995.00
Weight: 22.8 oz
OAL: 14.0″
Diameter: 1.5″
SPL: 134.7dB Muzzle (on 20″ KAC M110 – M118LR)

dB Attenuation: 31.1 dB Muzzle
Rated For: M110 Compatible MK13-ish Clones in .300 WIN MAG


MSRP: $1945.00
Weight: 21.3 oz
OAL: 12.25″
Diameter: 1.5″
SPL: 137.2dB Muzzle (on 20″ KAC MK11 Mod 0 – M118LR)
dB Attenuation: 29.6 dB Muzzle
Rated For: MK13 .300 WIN MAG


MSRP: $1895.00
Weight: 18.8 oz
OAL: 10.25″
Diameter: 1.5″
SPL: 136.1dB Muzzle (on 16″ KAC SR25 ECC – M118LR)
dB Attenuation: 31.5 dB Muzzle
Rated For: SR25 EMC, EC, & ECC

All three come in black or FDE finishes. There is no specific release date published yet but look for it soon.

From the manufacturer:

The Military GATE-LOK™ (MGL™) series of suppressors were designed to offer veterans and enthusiasts an ability to bring sound suppression / the suppressor feature set of the host systems to the packaged system. The MK11 Mod 0, the M110, and to a lesser extent the 16” carbines built with two pin suppressor mountable gas blocks, exist in greater numbers than the available market suppressors to support them with. The MGL™ suppressors are a quality built compatible suppressor product piggybacking on the PSR and HRT development programs.

The MGL™ series brings the PSR G2 baffle system and most developed, vented flash hider cap to a two pin gas block compatible mount with a Griffin Armament developed secondary locking mechanism. 17-4 high strength material, laser welding, and advanced design afford substantial weight savings vs the outstanding original equipment suppressors these systems were originally designed / fielded with.

Due to the nature of these products – the extreme length, limited production volumes, and the high tolerance manufacturing required to make these suppressors – they require more than double the machining time of our standard sound suppressors.

All images from Griffin Armament.

Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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  • Vet Vet on Apr 04, 2024

    If they really want to appeal to the KAC crowd they need to up their naming game. Something like ‘MGL QD PRT, SOCOM contract overrun, taupe’ should do the trick.

  • Brettbaker Brettbaker on Apr 05, 2024

    So.... mount this on a PSA clone, since KAC isn't exactly easily available?