TFB Weekly Web Deals 84: Deals for April 8th, 2024

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Welcome to TFB Weekly Web Deals 84! We’re back with more deals on guns, gear, ammunition, and accessories from some of our most frequented online retailers like Primary Arms, Natchez Shooters Supply, Palmetto State Armory, Brownells, and more. Whether you’re looking for deals on new or used guns, ammo to add to your reserves, or specific accessories like flashlights, range bags, optics, bipods, and magazines, each week we’ll have new sets of deals that might fulfill one of those needs and save you a few dollars.

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TFB Weekly Web Deals 84: Deals for April 8th, 2024


Sale Price: $69.99

Keep your AR15 up and running in the field or at the range with features like specialized carbon scrapers for every BCG surface, a full array of common AR15 related bits and implements and a fold-out driver to make on the fly adjustments and fixes a snap

Holster Features:

  • Quick release lever
  • Magnetic Storage for 9-function bit set: 7/64″ HEX, 1/81″ HEX, 9/64″ HEX, 3/16″ HEX, T10, T15, #1 PHILLIPS, 1/4″ FLAT, A2 FRONT SIGHT ADJUSTED
  • Molle Compatible Belt Clip
  • Fold-Out Bit Driver

Tool Features:

  • 2.6″ TANTP Blade
  • Premium Titanium & Black Oxide Finishes
  • Bolt Override
  • Takedown Punch
  • Tap Hammer
  • Firing pin Retaining Pin Puller
  • Bolt Carrier Group Scrapers
  • Carrier Scraper
  • Firing Pin Scraper
TFB Weekly Web Deals 84: Deals for April 8th, 2024

Pick up a Real Avid AR15 AMP Gun Tool for $69.99 from Palmetto State Armory

SureFire Stiletto Pro

Sale Price: $233.00

The SureFire Stiletto Pro PLR-B is a sleek, slim and high output flashlight for the tactical operator, measuring 4.5 inches long and weighing 2.8 ounces. SureFire’s proprietary MaxVision Beam reflector delivers 1,000 lumens of smooth, shadow-filling LED white light in high-output mode, Quickly switch between 1000 lumens, 300 lumens or 25 lumens. The well-rounded MaxVision Beam illumination projects a wide flood beam that’s ideal for situational awareness; it’s programmable from low to high or vice versa. Its Melonite-coated, reversible heavy-duty spring steel pocket clip keeps the light secure whether you prefer bezel-up or bezel-down storage. Its precision-machined, Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum body is sleek and slim for tremendous durability. The Stiletto’s body features a tail-mounted tactical switch that instantly activates its high output or strobe feature in no time flat. Its long-lasting lithium polymer battery can be recharged with the included micro USB cable charger, and its heavy-duty pocket clip will keep it accessible and secured. The Stiletto is a tool with a different kind of edge.

TFB Weekly Web Deals 84: Deals for April 8th, 2024

Pick up a SureFire Stiletto Pro for $233 from Primary Arms

FN 5.7X28MM BULK (500 RDS) SS197SR

Sale Price: $279.99

The FN SS197SR is a high-performance 5.7x28mm sporting cartridge loaded with a 40-grain Hornady V-Max bullet. The polymer-tipped bullet improves accuracy, rapidly expands, and minimizes ricochet. This ammunition is ideally suited for target shooting, competition, or hunting. THIS IS A CASE OF 10 BOXES W/ 50RDS EACH. 500 TOTAL ROUNDS PER UNIT.

TFB Weekly Web Deals 84: Deals for April 8th, 2024

Pick up this 500-round bulk pack of FN 5.7x28mm from for $279.99

U.S. Military Surplus Entrenching Tool, Like New

Sale Price: 49.99

Keep compact digging power at the ready, wherever you go, with this U.S. Military Entrenching Tool. Make little holes, and with time even big holes. From your garden to the unexplored backwoods and back again.

  • Made from ultra-strong steel
  • Slices through dirt, saws through roots/branches with serrated edge

Key Specifications

  • Item Number: 292058
  • Material: Steel
  • Packed Dimensions: 7″ x 9.5″ x 2″
  • Dimensions: Extends to 23″l.
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Condition: Like new, may show signs of long-term storage
TFB Weekly Web Deals 84: Deals for April 8th, 2024

Pick up a U.S. Military Surplus Entrenching tool in like-new condition for $49.99 from Sportsman’s Guide


Sale Price: $399.99

SWISS P blackround TM 9x19mm NATO ammunition is loaded to military specifications. These military-grade 124-grain FMJ cartridges are designed to offer the highest power and velocity specifications, maximum accuracy and performance. This ammunition has a sealed case mouth and primer ensuring reliable ignition, cycling and ballistics in the harshest conditions.

• Mouth and primer sealed for better storage and more reliable function in all environmental conditions
• Built to NATO military-standards
• Staked primer
• Mil-Spec M2A2 military can reducing ammunition degradation

TFB Weekly Web Deals 84: Deals for April 8th, 2024

Pick up a case of Swiss P Defense Blackround 9mm NATO 124gr 9mm with an ammo can for $399.99

JagerWerks A1 2.25″ Aimpoint Micro Mount – Tan

Sale Price: $149.99

The JagerWerks A1 2.25″ Aimpoint Micro Mount in Tan is the perfect accessory for mounting your favorite Aimpoint Micro footprint optic. These mounts are constructed from aerospace grade 7075 aluminum with a type III hard coat anodized finish in Tan for ruggedness and durability. Designed with 2.25″ from the Picatinny rail to the optic centerline, the A1 Aimpoint Micro Mount provides a stable base for the perfect set-up. Stainless steel threads and the IP27/T27 Torx socket-headed cap screws offer a long service life without worrying about stripping hardware.


  • Compatible with Aimpoint Micro footprint optics such as H1, H2, T1, T2, CompM5, Vortex, Holosun, Primary Arms, and Sig Sauer
  • Aerospace Grade 7075 Aluminum
  • Type III Hard Coat Anodized Finish
  • Stainless Steel Thread Inserts
  • IP27/T27 Torx Socket-Headed Cap Screws
  • 2.25″ From the Picatinny Rail to the Optic Centerline
  • Made in the United States
  • Tan
TFB Weekly Web Deals 84: Deals for April 8th, 2024

Pick up a JagerWerks A1 2.25″ Aimpoint Micro Mount in Tan for $149.99 from Primary Arms


Sale Price: $899.99

The FN 15 Guardian applies the FN battle-proven blueprint to a brand new rifle, making FN quality accessible to all home defenders and sport shooters. Proven to perform on any front, this new carbine has the critical upgrades for tack-driving accuracy, with a nitrided 16-inch CMV steel MIL-B-11595 barrel and 15-inch free-float aluminum handguard. The mid-length gas system reduces recoil impulse with a low-profile gas block impinging gas to the mil-spec bolt carrier.

This FN-15 Guardian ships with a Bone-Dri rifle case. Bone-Dri cases not only protect your firearm from impact damage, but they’re well known for rust prevention as well! If you’re looking a top tier rifle and case combo, this is as good as it gets. This case holds 2 rifles (up to 47″), 2 pistols, and 25 magazines.

TFB Weekly Web Deals 84: Deals for April 8th, 2024

Pick up an FN Guardian AR-15 Rifle for $899.99 with an Included Bone-Dri case from


Sale Price: $549.99

Winchester centerfire rifle ammo stands as the ultimate choice for training endeavors and extensive shooting range sessions. Boasting a range of exceptional benefits, this ammunition excels in areas such as non-expansion, consistent functioning, remarkable accuracy, and minimal barrel leading. With Winchester’s commitment to quality and performance, you can confidently engage in your shooting activities knowing you have selected ammunition that delivers on every front. Elevate your shooting experience with Winchester centerfire rifle ammo and enjoy unparalleled performance and reliability with every shot.

TFB Weekly Web Deals 84: Deals for April 8th, 2024

Pick up a 1,000-round case of Winchester 55-grain 5.56 for $549.99 from Palmetto State Armory

That’s all the guns and gear we’ve got for you this week folks. Let us know if you’ve found any great deals on firearms, parts, or accessories in the comments below! As always, thanks for stopping by to read TFB and we’ll see you all again next week!

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