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3D printed Glock back plate Johann Fanzoj DRACON (1)

POTD: Maschinengewehr 74

The highlight of any training within the military? Shooting fully automatic firearms for sure, as well as blowing things up, and in Today’s Photo, you can see soldiers of the Austrian Bundesheer working their issued Maschinengewehr 74. Perhaps running with the 12 [Read More…]

Voere S16 AR-15 Magazine Fed Bolt Action Rifle (1)

New Swarovski Z8i 0,75-6×20

Swarovski from Austria take an interesting approach at this year’s IWA. When almost everything and anything has been invented already, why not invent a rifle scope that makes things appear smaller than they are? Sounds stupid? Well, hold on for a second because I [Read More…]

POTD: AUG-Ninjas

Today’s series of photos are a bit odd. You can see the melee training for the guards of the Maria Theresien Kaserne in Vienna, Austria. This is part of a self-defense training. They seem quite confident that their Steyr AUGs, including the optics, will withstand [Read More…]