POTD: Austrian Kampfschwimmer with Steyr AUG


    Austrian Kampfschwimmer with Steyr AUGs getting ready to jump out of a perfectly fine C-130 Hercules.In the late 80’s Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers released a suitable song for this Photo Of The Day. It was named “Free Fallin'”. The chorus goes:

    Free fallin’, now I’m free fallin’
    Now I’m
    Free fallin’, now I’m free fallin’

    There’s a direct link to the song on YouTube here.

    Austrian Kampfschwimmer team preparing to jump into the water.

    From the air, through the water, to land: our combat swimmers practiced at the Attersee yesterday.
    In the photo gallery you accompany our soldiers of the hunting command over and in the Attersee. You can see how amphibious special forces and boats are parachuted from a C-130 Hercules. As a spearhead, the combat swimmers then dive into the bank area and secure the project.

    -“Your cargo just left the aircraft. You better go get it”

    Note how the swimming fins are taped to the body.

    Note the boat at the bottom of the picture.

    The guy in the front seems to carry a different rifle than the others, but guess what, he was also issued an AUG.

    I bet you never sky dived into the sea with a Steyr AUG in your backpack? It gives the term “boating accident” a new dimension.

    All photos by Austrian Bundesheer and Horst Gorup.