POTD: Austrian Gardebataillon with Steyr AUG (Stg77)

    Standing Guard – I guess everyone in the Military has done it once or twice?┬áThat is the subject of this Photo Of The Day, and we are looking at a soldier from the Gardebataillon (“Guard Battalion“) which is a ceremonial unit in the Austrian Armed Forces.

    One of their tasks is to represent Austria nationally and abroad. When home, they are stationed at the Maria Theresien Barracks in Vienna. The band around his left arm says “Wacht” (guard).

    The firearm is pretty easy to recognize: the Steyr AUG which is a bullpup carbine. It’s called Stg 77 or Sturmgewehr 77 in Austrian.

    Watch over Easter night! This night is something special in Austria today – very quiet – without traditional bonfires and celebrations.

    But also on the night of the nights – the Easter night is the highlight of the three Easter days – our soldiers are on duty 24/7 for Austria, just like this guard in the Maria Theresa barracks.

    All photos are taken by Nick Rainer.


    Did you ever stand guard and how did you make the time pass?