POTD: Austrian Army – Sturmgewehr 77 A1 MOD (Steyr AUG)

Eric B
by Eric B
Photo: Bundesheer

The Photo Of The Day can be chosen for a variety of reasons, and bullpups are always popular. This baby is now 47 years into service, which is quite remarkable in itself. The StG 77 (Sturmgewehr 77) denotes the Austrian Armed Forces’ adoption of the Steyr AUG in 1977.

The StG 77 A1 MOD refers to the further enhanced version of the original StG 77 utilized by the Bundesheer. A total of 14,400 rifles have been upgraded to run the Aimpoint T-2 and the 3x optical sight, and some other adjustments as described and pictured below.

Caption from the Austrian Bundesheer, machine translated from German:

Training and shooting training with the modified 77 A1 MOD assault rifle begins – The reliable handgun of the Federal Army, which has been tried and tested since the 1970s, has been modified since 2022 and adapted to the demanding and changing tasks of the soldiers. This also begins the training of the cadre soldiers of Panzer Battalion 14, who ultimately pass on the skills they have learned to the basic military personnel who are to be deployed. The main changes can be found in the housing, which has been upgraded with Picatinny rails. These enable a number of add-on parts to be easily installed. For example, the modified StG is zeroed in at 200 m with the AIMPOINT Micro T-2 red dot sight and at 300 m with the optical sighting device (3x magnification). There are also improvements to the case ejection opening, the barrel handle, the cocking handle and much more. The new accessories include a new tactical, padded carrying strap that can be adjusted using a clamp buckle and the system carrying case.

By the looks of it, it’s possible to hit quite well.

Photos and captions: Bundesheer

Eric B
Eric B

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