POTD: Überschweres Maschinengewehr M2

    Überschweres Maschinengewehr M2

    “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” That’s probably the most common mistake in photo taking, but in this case, I think the photographers did an excellent job. Just imagine the blast from what the Austrian Army calls the Überschweres Maschinengewehr M2, or üsMG M2 for short. The rest of the world calls it the Browning Machine Gun M2, in caliber .50 BMG.

    Our daily article Photo Of The Day will take you to some very exciting and unusual places sometimes. Here we are with the Military Academy in Austria.

    Nothing in the Austrian Army goes without the Steyr AUG or Sturmgewehr 77 as it’s called in the Austrian Army. I wonder what their next standard issue rifle will be?

    There’s no shortage of stories to tell, so please check back tomorrow for another set of images.

    All photos taken by Christopher Weilguni and Thomas Lampersberger.